Episodes from the pirovano collection III

Episodes from the Pirovano Collection III. The Path to Abstraction. Dialogues about modern art between Ignacio Pirovano and Tomás Maldonado provides a contemporary look at the meeting of minds between two men who shared a close friendship and embarked upon numerous projects together. Tomás Maldonado (Buenos Aires, 1922) was a young promoter of the abstract avant garde art in Argentina and Ignacio Pirovano (Buenos Aires, 1909), thirteen years his elder and a lawyer by profession, was an active player on the artistic circuit as both an artist and a collector.

This exhibition explores the thinking behind the formation of the collection, which includes paintings, graphic work and sculpture. “I have been thinking hard about your collection and I think it could provide the foundation for our future ‘Museum of Modern Art,’” Maldonado wrote in a letter to Pirovano in 1954.

They were both of the opinion that the three key figures in the progressive shift towards abstract art were Wassily KandinskyPiet Mondrian and Georges Vantongerloo. Kandinsky was considered the instigator of the rise of abstract art; the work of Piet Mondrian was a powerful demonstration of the objectification of conceptual language and Georges Vantongerloo found maximum freedom for experimentation in abstract themes.

The third episode features works by Enio IommiAlfredo HlitoTomás MaldonadoJosef Albers and others.


Start: 22 de April de 2017
End: 25 de February de 2018