Endless Learning

This exhibition will highlight the extensive research on the intersection between art and education. It will raise awareness of a series of historical and contemporary experiences in Argentina promoted by different artists and groups, formal educational institutions and social organisations, and will include actions and performances, laboratories, training programmes and publications, as well as other actors and methodologies. The relationship between art and education is founded on access to knowledge and its universalisation as a means to promote individual and collective development. Several pedagogical experiences have taken place at this intersection, where the boundaries between disciplines have been blurred in order to challenge the conventional views on ways of learning and consuming art.

At the same time, the exhibition explores different educational management models that, through art, generate new forms of knowledge production and circulation based on premises such as horizontality, the exercise of democracy and multiculturalism. Can traditional educational systems be improved through artistic practices? How can institutions accommodate practices where art is both the means and the end? Building on these questions, the exhibition will establish a dialogue between the traditional methods of art education and the experimental projects that have emerged in recent decades, placing learning and its infinite capacity to generate knowledge at the centre stage.

Artists: Diana Aisenberg, Andrés Aizicovich, Bachillerato Mocha Celis, Ernesto Ballesteros, MUNDIARTE / Bienal Internacional de Arte Infantil y Juvenil de Avellaneda, Norah Borges, Campamento Artístico Curatorial, Centro Educativo Isauro Arancibia, Olga y Leticia Cossettini, Cromoactivismo, Marina De Caro, Claudia del Río, Mirtha Dermisache y las Jornadas del Color y la Forma, Lucas Di Pascuale, Tomás Espina, Leonel Fernández Pinola, Taller de plástica del Frente de Artistas del Borda, Silvia Gurfein, Graciela Gutiérrez Marx, Hecho en Buenos Aires, Federico Jorge Klemm, Guillermo Kuitca, Nicolás Martella y Manuel A. Fernández, Diego Melero, Rosario Vera Peñaloza, Emilio Pettoruti, Amalia Pica, Proyecto Secundario Liliana Maresca, Emilio Renart, Revista Ramona, Marcela Sinclair, Eduardo Stupía, Marta Traba y Edgardo Antonio Vigo

Curators: Jimena Ferreiro, in collaboration with Alfredo Aracil
Exhibition Design: Iván Rösler
Production: Julieta Potenze


Start: 13 de June de 2024
End: 2 de March de 2025