Alberto Passolini: Dreaming in Splashes

The Museo Moderno is delighted to exhibit this large mural created by Alberto Passolini (Buenos Aires, 1968), a renowned Argentinian artist who always astonishes with his wit and his playful and upbeat view of art history. This large-scale mural has a dual function here: it welcomes visitors to the Museum, beckoning to them to embark on a journey through the history of art, while at the same time connecting the entrance hall with the basement gallery, currently housing the group exhibition Dibujar es crear mundos [Drawing to Create Worlds], in which Passolini also takes part. Bursting with vitality and humour, this work is an invitation to play, imagine, think, laugh and dream, and to reflect on existing stories and imagine new ones through drawing. For this mural work, Passolini has chosen to foreground the modernist blob: since the 1950s, the blob and the splash have stood as symbols of artistic creation, painting, freedom of expression and imagination.

Curator: Raúl Flores
Producer: Edgar Lacombe


Start: June de 2024
End: December de 2024