Celina Eceiza

In 2024, the Museo Moderno will proudly present the first solo exhibition in a museum in Argentina by the young artist Celina Eceiza (Tandil, 1988). This is a totally immersive, ambitious project conceived by the artist for this space and produced entirely by the museum as part of its commitment to supporting Argentinian artistic talents. In a space that possesses great metabolic force, the artist combines visual art techniques and procedures, such as dye work and batik, patchwork, collage and, more recently, plaster and pastel, all applied to large fabrics that she prepares by hand. Her compositions are populated by soft shapes, bodies in transformation, animals that are the result of the union of different species, still lifes, and references to the 20th century avant-gardes. Ecieza embellishes the architecture of the museum gallery, organizing it into passageways and rooms of different sizes, transforming the neutral white cube of the space. Her installations create new environments and always invite the viewer into hospitable surroundings. She imagines and creates spaces that invite contemplation and reconcile social, psychological, anthropological and metaphysical perspectives that are often seen as antagonistic.

Artist: Celina Eceiza
Curator: Jimena Ferreiro


Start: September de 2024
End: June de 2025