Drawing to Create Worlds

In the face of adversity, art always allows us to question the future. Utopia, imagination and fiction provide us with the poetic and conceptual tools that have been used by societies to improve the conditions of their existence. Because of its projective nature, drawing is the discipline that reminds us that an image is all we need to encourage our imagination. Making use of such simple materials as a pencil and paper, drawing invites us to contemplate the world and human existence. It magnifies the small, intimate and every day, and makes accessible that which is unfathomable or incomprehensible. The line and its movements can produce immersive scenes, landscapes charged with drama and darkness, or full of desire, humour and sharp criticism. This exhibition presents a selection of artists who favour drawing in their production, or who use it as a starting point for the creation of their artistic universes. It presents a broad overview of Argentinian drawing, in which different generations and art scenes from all over the country intermingle to provide their provisional view of the world.

Artists: Josefina Alen, Nicanor Aráoz, Viviana Blanco, Valeria Conte Mac Donell, Alfredo Dufour, Cervio Martini, Julia Padilla y Alberto Passolini, among others

Curators: Raúl Flores, in collaboration with Victoria Noorthoorn
Exhibition Design: Iván Rösler
Production: Martina Estelí


Start: June de 2024
End: October de 2024