The edge of itself: Second edition

The Edge of Itself is a cycle begun in 2015 in which the visual arts read theatre from the edge of themselves while theatre, from the edge of itself in turn, reads the visual arts. It is from that self-ness, at the very edge of each discipline, that one identifies new territories in which to experiment, rehearse and test new ideas. Featuring numerous guests including theatre directors, actors, visual artists, performers and musicians, this cycle attempts to read another person’s poem as its own. It seeks to explore new, apparently distinct artistic territories, virgin spaces and unexplored zones seen from within the experience itself.

For the second edition, the curator of the cycle, Alejandro Tantanian, invited the choreographer Diana Szeinblum, the filmmaker Santiago Loza, the actress and director Analía Couceyro and the director and playwright Mariano Tenconi Blanco, to establish a dialogue with the Museo collection. On this occasion, the brief was to work with one or more of the artworks from the museum collection and create a new artwork that summarizes, envelops, ignores or builds a new perspective on the chosen piece. The collection is thus re-energized and becomes provocative as it generates new artworks and meanings.

Artworks featured in the cycle:

Walsh artista contemporáneo [Walsh, Contenporary artist] by Mariano Tenconi Blanco
Mi contundente situación [My Striking Situation] by Diana Szeinblum
Empiecen sin mí [Start Without Me] by Santiago Loza
Voraz [Voracious] by Analía Couceyro