Sergio Avello: a young, multi-talented professional

Sergio Avello: A Young Multi-talented Professional presents an overview of Avello’s artistic work and world, where music, nightlife and friends intermingled with his artistic practice. Avello (Mar del Plata, 1964) was an abstract painter and occasional DJ, a set designer, make-up artist, artistic consultant, and organizer of parties, shows, excursions and exhibitions.

In the late eighties, Avello committed himself to a light artistic touch that he described as decorative, rejecting the intellectual discourse that dominated painting at the time and presenting a new sensibility that in the nineties would expand into a scene in its own right even if Avello himself ultimately disowned it. At the beginning of the new century, his playful abstraction began to address patriotic symbols. The Argentine and US national flags would appear again and again in different materials such as leather, enamel, tubes of light and songs that Avello couldn’t get out of his head. Seemingly frivolous and rather unsubtle, they nonetheless made a deeply powerful statement.

Avello studied Visual Art at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Martín A. Malharro in Mar del Plata. In 1983 he moved to Buenos Aires and in 1989 he held his first solo exhibition at the Galería Adriana Rosenberg. That same year, together with Roberto Jacoby, he organized the legendary party Década Oferta at Club Eros in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Notable exhibitions by the artist include those held at the Galería Van Riel (1998), Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2003), Galería Dabbah Torrejón (2006), and the Esplanade of the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (from 2006 to 2010).


Start: 16 de September de 2017
End: 18 de February de 2018