Performathon. Words. Objects. The esoteric. Stage.

The Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires presented Performathon, a marathon of summer performances: a series of tests, experiments, projects, talks, videos, and historical and contemporary archival documentation hosted in the Museum’s second floor gallery and the surrounding area.

The cycle explored four main areas: 1) The Word: with different formats such as political discourse, art conferences, television, and oral and written narratives; 2) The Object: body-driven sculpture and the relationship between painting and performance; 3) The Esoteric, including astrology, exorcism, tarot and dream machine sessions; and 4) The Stage, the relationship between theatre and contemporary art, cross-dressing, catwalks and parties.

Performathon was a flexible cycle in which some artists started off the marathon and others joined it as it went on. The exhibition design adapted to fit each situation, but always used the same elements: the Museum’s pedestals, display cases and other exhibition-related resources provided a foundation and different technologies were used by artists and curators according to the needs of the moment.

The following artists began each area:

1) The Word. Video: Federico Jorge Klemm, Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos, Marta Traba and Liv Schulman. Participating with live performances: Zoe Di Rienzo, Raúl Escari, Lux Lindner, Diego Melero, Alfredo Prior and Liv Schulman.

2) The Object. Video: Diego Bianchi and Luis Garay, Eugenia Calvo, Eduardo Costa, Marcelo Galindo, Carlos Herrera, Ariadna Pastorini and Sebastián Linero, Rosa Chancho and Rosario Zorraquín. Participating with live performances: Osías Yanov, Luis Garay, Sofía Bothglink and Florencia Vecino. Talks: Diego Bianchi, Luis Garay and Eduardo Costa.

3) The Esoteric. Video: Victoria Colmegna, Liliana Maresca and Marta Minujín. Participating with live performances: Victoria Colmegna and Roberto Conlazzo.

4) The Stage. Video: Miguel Abuelo, Batato Barea, Sergio De Loof, Mauro Guzman and Vivi Tellas. Participating with a live performance: Dani Umpi and Nicanor Aráoz.