Lino Divas: do it yourself. The f.D.A.C.M.A. At the moderno

With ‘Fun and self-sufficiency’ as his guiding maxim, ten years ago, Lino Divas created the Fundación para la Difusión del Arte Contemporáneo en el Mercosur y Alrededores (Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Mercosur and Surrounding Countries, F.D.A.C.M.A.), a conglomerate of physical and virtual platforms drawn from different arts systems in the region. The group, which was partially represented in the exhibition, consists of the Permanent Collection – which features donated, acquired and exchanged objects from artists and art enthusiasts – the continuously expanding Fanzine/Videoart Archive and a series of projects featuring the involvement of administrators, artists, poets, fanzine publishers and users of social networks in general. The objective was to propose new forms of production and promotion of art based around partnership and collaboration.

Each of the Foundation’s projects was the result of open calls for entry that were promoted on social networks and led to different but very popular activities: exhibitions at museums, friends’ houses and basements, gelatine sculpture competitions, public meetings and debates, excursions, fanzine workshops, keyhole poetry and collaborative pacts. Divas sees the institution as a social territory able to generate networks of collective, emotional action that might take the form of a football team, an art collection or a virtual national directory of self-administered projects. Acting somewhere between fiction, representation and entertainment, the F.D.A.C.M.A. slips in between the gaps of the institutions that temporarily house it, blending in with them so as to stealthily implement its legitimizing programme.

Lino Divas (Buenos Aires, 1981) Lino Divas (Buenos Aires, 1981) lives and works in Buenos Aires. He has exhibited artworks both individually and collectively since 2005 in museums, contemporary art galleries and independent spaces in Buenos Aires, Chile, Mexico, Spain and the USA as well numerous virtual media outlets. His artwork is based in drawing and expands into other media such as painting, video, fanzines and installations.


Start: 30 de June de 2016
End: 4 de September de 2016