La Chola Poblete: Ejercicios del llanto [Exercises in Weeping]

The Museo Moderno is thrilled to present this solo exhibition by La Chola Poblete (b. Mendoza, 1989). La Chola is a major young artist from Argentina. Her work focuses on reclaiming her indigenous roots, advancing the importance of ancestral knowledge in South America and the need to reverse colonial practices of gender and racial discrimination in our country. It condemns the mistreatment of brown peoples and sexual dissidents, and the stereotyping and exoticisation of native peoples, while vindicating the presentation of anti-hegemonic beauties and corporealities in opposition to culturally constructed standards.

The Museo Moderno has selected an important group of early drawings by the artist, created between 2014 and 2015, whose subtleties lead us through her profound inner processes. The series that gives the exhibition its title, Ejercicios del llanto [Exercises in Weeping], explores possibilities for introspection and organises a space of recollection and silence in the heart of the Museo Moderno from which to reflect on the challenges facing humanity today. In page after page of her sketchbooks, subtle strokes and thousands of tiny dots build abstract patterns, images that mutate and allow us to glimpse the artist’s interests and concerns. Deftly sketched or outlined, we are confronted with tears and wailing, the cross (a symbol of oppressive colonialism), the potato (referencing her roots) and allusions to sexuality at the precise moment the artist considers her dilemma vis-à-vis her own gender.

Exercises in Weeping stages the work of a great Argentinian artist of international scope. It takes the form of an intimate diary telling a process of personal and political identity construction at the very moment of conception of the artist’s convictions. Poblete’s oeuvre combines in a dialogue with five other exhibitions on the Museum’s first floor, which also reflect on the need to vindicate and respect differences in our origins, bodies, feelings and ideas in today’s world.

Curators: Victoria Noorthoorn, Marcos Krämer

La Chola Poblete (Mendoza, 1989) estudió las carreras de Licenciatura y Profesorado en Artes Visuales de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Desde el año 2012, apoyado por becas otorgadas por el Centro Cultural Kirchner y el Fondo Nacional de las Artes, realizó talleres y clínicas con Diana Aisenberg, Max Gómex Canle y Silvio Lang, entre otros. Participó en el Programa de Artistas de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2018) y en el Programa de artistas de MARCO Arte Foco. En 2014, fue premiado en la 11ª edición de los Premios Escenario como “Mejor propuesta de Arte Joven”. Entre sus exposiciones individuales, figuran El órgano masculino de la Chola, en el Mercado de Arte de Córdoba, y SLAVE, en el Museo Carlos Alonso de Mendoza (2019). En 2021 realizó Tenedor de hereje, en Pasto Galería (Buenos Aires) y, recientemente, expuso individualmente en la Feria ARCO de Madrid.