Javier Soria Vázquez

Much of the artistic production of Javier Soria Vázquez (Cafayate, 1975) consists of the creation of concepts and designs for works that are to be materialised by other people. In the past, many discussions of art have revolved around authorship and the paradigm that the originality of a work stems from its creation by the artist’s hand. However, modern and contemporary art have broken down this barrier and involve not only other artists but the viewer in the execution of a work. Throughout the different movements of the 20th century, art has become a collective and participatory practice, projected as an idea that is open to all possibilities, or subtly designed through instructions for use. Through simple, poignant processes, Soria Vázquez invites others to draw, to touch a painting as if it were a musical instrument, to produce an ephemeral and spontaneous musical score, and also to contemplate.

For this exhibition, the Museo Moderno’s Special Projects Gallery will be transformed into a creative, calm laboratory where viewers can participate or engage in actions that express the passage of time, accompanied by the sounds of a cello. In the hands of Soria Vázquez, art becomes a story written with a multitude of leading characters. In this age of immediacy, his work invites us to pause and become participants in a polyphony, where images, sounds, gestures and movements unfold and adapt to the particular circumstances and freedom of creation.

Artist: Javier Soria Vázquez
Guest curator: Marcela López Sastre, Director of the Museo de Bellas Artes de Salta


Start: August de 2024
End: December de 2024