Eccentrics and ultra-enlightened

Eccentrics and Ultra-Enlightened was a collective exhibition that brought together artists from different periods of the Argentinian cultural scene whose artworks broke free of the established artistic and intellectual formats of their time. The exhibition encompassed traditional and avant garde movements, tracing a path from the early 20th century, beginning with Xul Solar. It included artists whose work was difficult to classify as they introduced new ways of thinking based in multiple disciplines and a conception of art as a way of life. These artists are eccentric in that they diverged from the paths of their contemporaries and are very clever because they work beyond the narrow margins of intellectual and academic circles.

The exhibition explored four major themes: deconstruction of language and the creation of new ways of communicating; political thought expressed as simple gestures; the idea of style linked to the construction of identity and its representation and the never-ending issues of the figure of the artist, self-referentiality and the transformative potential of their work.

Artists featured in the exhibition:
Alberto Greco, Alejandra Urresti, Benito Laren, Dana Ferrari, Delia Cancela, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Fabio Kacero, Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos, Fernanda Laguna, Isaac Díaz, Jorge Bonino, Jorge de Luján Gutiérrez, Juane Odriozola, Laura Códega, León Ferrari, Liliana Maresca, Luis Pazos, Lux Lindner, Marcelo Galindo, Mariano Blatt, Martín Legón, Pablo Suárez, Ricardo Carreira, Sergio De Loof, Xul Solar and Zoe Di Rienzo.