Binary emotions: a dialogue between 21st century argentinian art and design


In the late 90s the Museo de Arte Moderno started to put together a collection featuring industrial and graphic design with two clear premises in mind; it sought to create an archive of the objects and communication tools that we use every day, as both historical record and cultural heritage, while also preserving them at an artistic institution to emphasize the aesthetic work of the designers.

Binary Emotions, curated by Ricardo Blanco, provided a panorama of Argentine design in the 21st century, and showed how a new generation of artists was also being trained in the métier of design – learning in the same classrooms as the designers – sharing techniques and procedures, reshaping the same elements, and revisiting shared traditions. Communicators and creators crossed paths, occupying the same territory even if they were headed in slightly different directions.

Although one can’t go so far as to describe the pieces featured in Binary Emotions as ‘Argentinian design’, the models often draw on iconic images from Argentinian culture and history. Just like the images produced by their artist contemporaries.

Participating designers:
Augusto Consthanzo, Hernán Berdichevsky, Octavio Martino, Laura Varsky, Ale Paul, Bernardo+Celis, Edgardo Gimenez, Alejandro Ros, Lorenzo Shakespear, Ronald Shakespear, Zkysky (Valeria Dulitzky y Julieta Ulanovsky), Juan Pablo Cambariere, THOLöN KUNST, Revista Crann (diseñador Julio Arca y Javier Albian), Juan Lo Bianco, Fabián Carreras, Steinbranding (Guillermo Stein) DHNN, Pump Diseño (diseñador Lucas López), Bilder Branding (Matías Cageao), Universo Sael (diseñador José Alfonso Sael), Eduardo Canovas, Pablo Bernasconi, Espacio Cabina, Das Branding and Design.

Participating artists:
Fabián Burgos, Manuel Esnoz, Elisa Strada, Rosana Fuertes, Daniel Joglar, Luis Lindner, Diego Gravinese, Pablo Siquier, Pablo Zicarello, Sergio Avello, Karina Peisajovich, Leo Battistelli, Marula Di Como & Colectivo Migrantas, Lucio Dorr.