The theatre of painting: Argentine artists in dialogue with Sonia Delaunay

The Theatre of Painting places painting, its modes of being and uses centre stage: painting as pure form, painting in search of movement and a new conception of space, painting as a setting for bourgeois life, painting as sets, painting as performance and painting as gender.

Sonia Delaunay envisioned a new path for painting on which it becomes a complete experience. Her abstract works extended beyond the limits of the easel, transcending standard measurements of the time and settling on bolts of fabric, window displays, theatre and cinema sets, fashion designs and a large family of ornamental objects including tapestries, majolica, ceramics and other applied arts whose purpose was to make the world a more pleasant place.

The Theatre of Painting treated Sonia Delaunay’s work as a mode of doing, applying her powerful influence to the local art scene in an abstract but disobedient and sensual way. The artists gathered around her for this exhibition make use of tradition, appropriate it, confront it and unleash creative strategies that revise modernism seeking to expand its impact.

The local painting scene is extraordinarily vital. Although painting never shed its autonomy and self-referential aspects, we must warn you that these artists approach abstraction in a different way, creating new narratives and appealing to its dramatic, theatrical and artificial aspects, forcing it to be in the world and the world into its objects.

Featured artists:
Sergio Avello, Chiachio & Gianonne, Flavia Da Rin, Tulio de Sagastizabal, Juan del Prete, Marcolina Dipierro, Jorge Gumier Maier, Silvia Gurfein, Graciela Hasper, Magdalena Jitrik, Fabio Kacero, Fernanda Laguna, Alfredo Londaibere, Adriana Minolitti, Guillermina Mongan, Inés Raiteri, Mariela Scafati, Cristina Schiavi, Leila Tschopp, Paola Vega, Yente.