The Limit

El límite [The Limit] is an exhibition of works from the Museo Moderno’s collection set in dialogue with works by guest artists, which marks the opening of the 2022 exhibition programme, Un día en la Tierra [One Day on Earth]. This programme develops a holistic discourse around urgently needed reflection about humanity’s present and its relationship with the planet.

The exhibition spans two galleries. In the first, the artists tackle the pain of traumatic experiences. The works set out to signpost and repair, denouncing the monstrous presence of military dictatorships and wars, femicides, and the patriarchal and colonial aggression brought to bear on racialised bodies and populations.

The second gallery focuses on an artistic ecology linked to the land, its natural resources and the knowledge that arises from these. Here the artists critique human and territorial devastation, directing their attention towards the more sensitive ways of relating to territory and to ancestral knowledge about nature.

The Limit is an exhibition comprised of a core of significant works selected from more than 600 that have entered the Museo Moderno’s collection in recent years as either donations or acquisitions. On the subject of donations, the Museum is grateful to the artists, their families, gallery owners, institutions and patrons who have made this possible. Acquisitions are the result of a public-private stewardship programme. The Museum therefore wishes to thank the Acquisitions Committee, the Asociación de Amigos, the Buenos Aires City Government and all the artists, gallery owners and donors who allow the Museo Moderno to better represent the vitality and relevance of the contemporary art scene in Argentina.

The Limit Exhibition Factory

We invite you to watch another episode of La fábrica [The Factory], the cycle in which different workers from all departments of the museum tell us about their experiences putting together our exhibitions. In this episode, we will learn about the making of El límite [The Limit], one of 11 exhibitions that are part of the Museo Moderno’s 2022 programme Un día en la tierra [One Day on Earth]. Presenting their experiences are Marcos Krämer, curator, Ivan Rösler, head of exhibition design, and Alejandra Aguado, head of collections.