A Hundred Roads in a Day

Rosario Bléfari prefaces this exhibition with a line from Excursiones [Excursions], the cult album she released with her band Suárez in 1999. Her songs evoke emotional images and feelings of the city, while illustrating different ways of moving through it, sometimes aimlessly, discovering ways to reinvent it. The city can be both hostile and playful, like the work of Luciana Lamothe (Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, 1975), which can be both vandalistic and constructive, as ephemeral, deformed and as brutal as it is precise. In each new action Lamothe carries out, this play of opposites is evident, like a compensation for the resolution of the conflict. Her sculptures and installations are both context and situation, and have the capacity to mutate and expand. For this exhibition, Lamothe transforms and envelops the gallery space to house the works of a group of artists from her generation who emerged on the contemporary art scene after the 2001 crisis. The memory of the devastated city became both the material and the experience of these artists, where the poetics of waste and pollution transforms violence into potential and allows new ways of inhabiting the space to be invented. Upheaval has the power to become a rain of colours to poeticise our immediate surroundings.

Artists: Nicanor Aráoz, Daniel Basso, Facundo Belén, Belleza y Felicidad Fiorito, Flavia Da Rin, Diego Bianchi, Eugenia Calvo, Paula Castro, Cynthia Cohen, Clara Esborraz, Tomás Espina, Mariana Ferrari, Diego Figueroa, Graciela Hasper, Carlos Herrera, Juliana Iriart, Irina Kirchuk, Luciana Lamothe, Martín Legón, Mariana López, Valentina Liernur, Tomás Maglione, Verónica Meloni, Clorindo Testa

Staging: Luciana Lamothe
Curated by: Jimena Ferreiro
Production Coordination: Iván Rösler
Production: María Venancio y Martina Estelí

Portrait of Facundo Belén

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