Aldo Sessa Archive 1958-2018: 60 Years of Images

A major exhibition of the Aldo Sessa Archive curated by Victoria Noorthoorn in collaboration with the Museo team featuring more than 700 photographs, most of which have never been exhibited before, taken between 1958 and 2018. Aldo Sessa’s (Buenos Aires, 1939) relationship with the Moderno dates back to the seventies. Today the Moderno is continuing that long conversation in an exhibition that presents Sessa’s work as it has never before been seen.

This exhibition offers an intimate glimpse of how Sessa saw Buenos Aires in the fifties and sixties, his work as a photojournalist in the seventies and eighties, his search for magical moments backstage at the Teatro Colón, his exploration of the mystery of the subject resulting in surprising portraits, his obsession with rediscovering the thousand secrets of New York and his infinite curiosity about the world as seen in his travels and the details of his exquisite still lifes.

This exhibition presents the experimental Sessa, the man who explored numerous techniques made possible by the many different cameras that have appeared throughout history and Sessa the researcher, seeking a form of abstraction that never lost sight of reality.

Testimony to his insatiable curiosity and continuous artistic work, the Aldo Sessa Archive constitutes one of the most comprehensive visual archives in the country and is an invaluable record of our recent history, society, the world and the great enigma of creating images with light.

Aldo Sessa began his training in the graphic arts at his father’s printing house. His first photographic collaborations in the press appeared when he was 17, initially in the La Nación newspaper and then in La Gaceta de Tucumán. In 1962, he travelled to Los Angeles to study cinematography with Sydney Paul Solow, where he discovered colour photography. He signed his first artistic contract in 1972 with the Galería Bonino and subsequently went on to hold over 200 exhibitions around the world. His major collaborations with writers began in 1976 with Cosmogonías, a publication that published poems by Jorge Luis Borges, and later others by Manuel Mujica Laínez, Ray Bradbury and Silvina Ocampo, among others. He has received numerous honours over the years, including being named an Honorary Member of the Argentine Federation of Photographers and an Official Academician in the Academy of Fine Art in 1991. In 2007, the Buenos Aires Legislature named him an ‘Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires’.

AUDI Argentina is the official sponsor of the Aldo Sessa exhibition.