ABTE (Grouping tickets type Edmondson)

The legendary Edmondson ticket, a 57 x 30,5 mm cardboard rectangle, is the symbolic core of the ABTE, the Association of Edmondson Tickets which was founded by Patricio Larrambebere and Javier Martínez Jacques and currently made up of Javier Barrio Martín Guerrero, Patricio Larrambebere, Gachi Rosati, and Ezequiel Semo. ABTE is a living artwork that has been running for fifteen years. It researches railway graphics, restoration and the production of artworks through actions, interventions, videos, performances, graphics and painting.

With this retrospective-style but non-conformist exhibition, the Moderno honours the work of these artists. ABTE sought to introduce people to the past and current activities of the ABTE as well as to focus on certain moments from the past of the railways, a fundamental and allegorical part of Argentinian history. 50 x 30.5mm is the size in which this history is encapsulated and from which possible strategies and methodologies for preserving the public patrimony arise: it is the size of the Edmondson ticket. Establishing a link between the work of visual artists and railway artisans, the ABTE archive is made up of different graphic pieces, direct actions related to restoration or highlighting neglect, an archive/collection of railway tickets and publications in different formats.