18 Minutes from the Sun

18 Minutes from the Sun is an exhibition that addresses astronomical observation and access to outer space as a means of spurring a dialogue between artistic imagination and scientific exploration. Outer space is considered from three different and interconnected perspectives: science, indigenous cosmologies and spirituality.   More than ninety Argentinean artists of different ages and from different regions of the country express their interests with these perspectives, having established profound connections with different worldviews of the sky, each of which has its own point of view and objective in mind. This exhibition is an open investigation that encompasses the whole of the Argentinean territory, from the Chaco Salteño to Patagonia. It covers the country’s entire history of art and includes both historical and contemporary artists, in an effort to understand the map we have created in the south to approach the stars and their reflections.

The exhibition highlights the popular, spiritual and scientific ties that link visual production in the territory with the great questions we have about outer space, and which has led to a rewriting of the colonial narratives regarding the political and social history of our skies. Taking centre stage is the local indigenous perspective, in which the sky is a reflection of the Earth and vice versa. The exhibition raises the potential of feeling that the skies above us provide a way to understand the planet we live on.

Curated by: Javier Villa and Marcos Krämer
Exhibition Design: Iván Rösler
Production: Julieta Potenze