Martín Legón: Schoolism

Artist and writer Martín Legón (Buenos Aires, 1978) has developed his work in a succession of exhibitions and publications that take as a point of departure the image far removed from its usual circulation and from its most traditional reading. As an artist, he works freely in a variety of mediums, making use of installations, drawings, paintings and objects, and recovering collections of photographs, engravings, books and toys, and files found online. He finds poetic links between these images and texts that are drawn from politics, history and medical practices, as well as from works for children, literature and modern art.

Mindful of how prominently art from the 1960s and the emergence of the avant-garde have featured in recent programmes at the Museo Moderno, Legón will develop a project for this exhibition that takes as its starting point the influence that school, textbooks and popular science books had on the art from that same period. Through a series of conceptual exercises guided by installation and collage, the artist will revisit the idea of Schoolism, developed by the critic Ricardo Martín-Crosa and the art historian Marcelo Pacheco, to expose the pedagogical background that lies behind some of the most emblematic works of the Argentine canon.

Artist: Martín Legón
Curator: Francisco Lemus


Start: August de 2024
End: March de 2025