Florencia Rodríguez Giles: Sintomario [Symptomary]

In Sintomario [Symptomary], a solo show created by Florencia Rodríguez Giles (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978) for the Museo Moderno that brings together artistic and therapeutic practices, the artist presents a possible approach to the difficult construction of a common experience between the vulnerable and the excluded and those considered “normal” by society due to their ability to adapt to the demands of contemporary life.

The name of the exhibition is a neologism that combines the words ‘symptom’ and ‘glossary’. If discomfort is something that we find difficult to identify and name, Sintomario creates an archive of words, exercises and records that provide a non-pathological or non-stigmatizing meaning to sensations and feelings.

The project is one of the many outcomes of the collaborative productions that developed at CAOS (Club de Artes y Ocios, or Arts and Leisure Club) over the course of activities and encounters between health workers, users of mental health institutions, and neighbours of the city of La Plata. As in her previous projects, the artist has developed experiences that are linked to the relationship between the interior and exterior of artistic spaces. In this case, the inter-institutional working method seeks to blur the boundaries between the museum and care spaces, allowing for a mutual intervention of artistic and therapeutic practices that express the limits and disputes between the concepts of health and art.

Sintomario is comprised of two pieces that form part of a single installation: a large-scale drawing and a video. The former presents gelatinous bodies in a state of fusion as if a collective birth or a sensual, hybrid amalgam between collaborating species – humans, plants, objects and spectres – in search of integration and generation. The video was scripted by the artist together with outpatients from the Melchor Romero Hospital and other users of the mental health system. Between ritual and dance, new codes and atypical narratives are here created that dismantle what we perceive to be normal social behaviours and body language. Video and drawing are integrated in this single piece in order to create a new subjectivity that is capable of channeling desire in a communal exchange, both between and beyond humans.

Over the coming months, Sintomario will provide opportunities for participatory activities within the museum so that, as a community, we can name, listen and transform our feelings, questions and concerns about discomfort into words and bodies.

Guest curator: Osías Yanov

Florencia Rodríguez Giles (Buenos Aires, 1978) egresó de la Escuela Nacional de Arte Prilidiano Pueyrredón y continuó su formación con Diana Aisenberg, Nicola Costantino y Guillermo Kuitca.  Obtuvo becas del Fondo Nacional de las Artes y de la Fundación Antorchas, y el Premio Braque (Museo Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, 2015). Realiza exposiciones y performances desde el 2002, entre que se destacan: Biodélica (Galería Ruth Benzacar, 2019), Actividades premúndicas (en colaboración con Pablo Katchadjian, UV Estudios, 2017), Séance Liminoïde (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Francia. 2016), Noctario (en colaboración con Barbara Hang, Club Silencio, París, Francia. 2016), Strabisme Interne (Galerie d’Art Contemporain Bendana-Pinel) y Mareaciones (Galería Ruth Benzacar, 2015). Participó de varias residencias, como FRAC Lorraine (Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain. 2016), Cité Internationale des Arts (París, Francia. 2015), Paradise Air (Matsudo, Japón. 2015) y Arcus Studio (Ibaraki, Japón. 2014); Backers / Art Initiative (Tokio, Japón. 2009).