One of the main objectives of the Museo Moderno is to expand, conserve, research and disseminate its art collection.

The museum’s collection holds more than 7600 works of modern and contemporary Argentinian and international art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Since its foundation in the 1950s and continuing through to today, the museum has brought together works of international importance in fulfilment of its mission to always remain at the forefront of art.

The Museo Moderno has built its own collection through donations and acquisitions. To do so, it relies on an enthusiastic community committed to supporting the arts, its role as a public institution and its mission.

In 1959, the founder and first director of the museum, Rafael Squirru, received the first donations to the collection and began to acquire works by the most relevant artists of the time. Since then, the care and expansion of the collection have remained a central objective for each of the museum’s directors.

The Procurement Committee was formed in September 2018. It was a historical moment for the museum and marked the beginning of a programme to incorporate works by past and living artists from Argentina into the collection in order to complete, update and enrich the collection of this great Argentinian institution.

The committee is made up of collectors, patrons and philanthropists who are interested in supporting our project through their contributions.  Over the course of the year, committee members are invited to participate in encounters with the museum’s management and personal experts, in which the procurement strategy for the collection and vision of local modern and contemporary art is shared and defined.

Acquiring works, researching them, and proposing new and diverse dialogues between them is a crucial task that ensures the collection can exhibit, now and for future generations, the unique perspective that art takes on the human condition, in the past and present. It is a perspective – sensitive, open-minded and far-sighted – that accompanies us both in our individual lives and as a society on a daily basis. Today, the Museo Moderno collection constitutes the strongest and most permanent link between the institution, artists and their public.

We invite you to continue to build the collection of the Museo Moderno with us.

For more information, contact:
Silvia Braun
Individual Patrons Coordinator
+54 11 4361 6919, int. 2116