The human museum Discover our content. Click here Supplemental materials Learn about the contents available for the visually impaired. Click here Integrated activities Discover all of our activities for people with autism and intellectual disabilities. Click here Subtitled videos Find all of our educational resources that are available with subtitles. Click here In collaboration with: […]

Accessibility – Activities

The Education Department designs accessible programs with inclusive activities so that all visitors can enjoy our collection and exhibitions. These activities encourage active participation that focuses on the well-being of our visitors. Accessible tours We organize accessible activities to generate autonomy and meaningful experiences to enhance the capabilities of all our visitors. Working with specialists, […]

Training for educators and teachers

The word in action Meetings to reflect on art and education This proposal seeks to create a space for training and work that is dedicated to teachers, students, educators and cultural actors who are interested in reflecting on the permanent intersections between the museum and schools, between art and education. The cycle takes place every […]

Educational tours

Tours for educational institutions Visits to the Museo Moderno are teaching and learning processes that take on a multidisciplinary approach. Visits are virtual and/or face-to-face encounters that follow all protocols. These tours to the exhibition galleries are coordinated to meet the interests and experiences of the students and teachers. For information and registration, please write to […]

Courses & Workshops

Annual workshop: Kaleidoscope For families Caleidoscopio [Kaleidoscope] is the Museo Moderno’s annual workshop for the whole family that offers encounters with the museum’s exhibitions from a playful and participatory perspective. We provide a collective work space that encourages, promotes and motivates the artistic creation of the whole family. Every Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. […]

Educational programs

Educational Institutions The Education Department of the Museo Moderno works with all levels of our educational system and accompanies institutional pedagogical processes. The Schools and Educational Institutions Department promotes several educational programs that enhance the link between the educational community and the museum. If you are interested in your institution taking part in our programs, […]

Consejos de los niños y las niñas del Moderno

UN MUSEO POR Y PARA NIÑOS ¿Qué es el consejo de niños y niñas del Moderno? Un lugar donde podés jugar, pensar, opinar y hacer que los museos sean cada vez más sorprendentes y divertidos. ¿Cómo imaginas un museo POR y PARA los niños? Te invitamos a participar del consejo de niños y niñas para […]


CHOOSE ONE, DOWNLOAD IT WITH JUST ONE CLICK, AND START EXPLORING! These exploration cards provide additional material so that visitors of all ages can enjoy different aspects of the museum’s exhibitions and draw on their own experiences when viewing the works. Presented in different formats, these resources provide reflections about contemporary art, shining the spotlight […]

Programas inclusivos

El departamento de educación diseña programas accesibles con actividades inclusivas para que todos los visitantes puedan disfrutar de la colección y las exhibiciones del museo. Estas actividades creadas por el área de Comunidades promueven una participación activa enfocada en el bienestar de nuestros visitantes. Personas mayores Personas con autismo PERSONAS CIEGAS Museo Humano Seguí al […]

Programa escuelas

El departamento de educación ofrece programas educativos para docentes y estudiantes de todos los niveles y especialidades, mediante un enfoque multidisciplinar se promueve la observación, la reflexión y el pensamiento crítico en relación con el arte. Se diseñan capacitaciones y cuadernillos para fortalecer las estrategias didácticas y metodologías y para reflexionar sobre la práctica docente. […]