The Education Department designs accessible programs with inclusive activities so that all visitors can enjoy our collection and exhibitions. These activities encourage active participation that focuses on the well-being of our visitors.

Accessible tours

We organize accessible activities to generate autonomy and meaningful experiences to enhance the capabilities of all our visitors. Working with specialists, we develop activities for groups with diverse needs. 

Physical accessibility: In an accessible environment, we plan routes that respect the group’s visiting time, breaking down circulation barriers and thus opening up the museum, turning it into a space without limitations.

Cognitive accessibility: We develop visits that are oriented toward the characteristics of each group according to age and specific needs.

Visual accessibility: Working with specialists, we design integrated activities that promote the exchange of experiences.

Auditory accessibility: Several activities are offered with the participation of an Argentine Sign Language Interpreter

Adapted workshops

The Education Department presents a program of integrated workshops designed with adaptations to encourage participation.

In collaboration with:

Elian Chali: Unexpected Plane
The Fishermen’s Sunset
La trama sensible