The Moderno’s publishing programme seeks to document and promote the work of artists from Argentina and overseas featured in our galleries but also to introduce readers to the work of the curators, critics and researchers behind the exhibitions and present ideas related to Argentine cultural heritage that may well be new to many art lovers.

Authors, artists, curators, researchers in a wide variety of disciplines, critics, photographers, editors, proofreaders and translators all make a crucial contribution to this complex, innovative content. Thanks to their efforts, this public museum will find a place for itself on readers’ bookshelves and in libraries, spreading the word about the modern and contemporary art in Argentina.

A book about an artist can teach us how they see the world and share their approach to art and culture. It does not just communicate artistic and human ideas but also allows us a glimpse of their underlying motivations and what their answer might be to the question of art’s relevance in the world today. That is why we believe that encouraging reading so as to promote and grow awareness of Argentine art is part of the mission of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

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Texts by: Museo Moderno
Texts by: Francisco Lemus (Comp.), Victoria Alcala, Oscar Araiz, Mariana Bellotto, Patricia Dorin, Diego Fischerman, Victoria Fortuna, Fernando García, Violeta González Santos, Marcelo Isse Moyano, Ana Kamien, Sofía Kauer, Kado Kostzer, Nicolás Licera Vidal, Marilú Marini, Leone Sonnino, Silvina Szperling and Susana Tambutti
Texts by: Gonzalo Córdova, Flavia Costa, Cynthia Edul, Mariana Enriquez, Carlos Gamerro, Pablo Maurette, Graciela Speranza
Texts by: Sofía Dourron, Magalí Etchebarne, Laura Isola

Un libro para Jacinta [A book for Jacinta]

Texts by: Josefina Ricotta
Texts by: András Szántó. Interviews with: Cecilia Alemani, Rhana Devenport, María Mercedes González, Max Hollein, Mami Kataoka, Koyo Kouoh, Victoria Noorthoorn, Adriano Pedrosa, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Franklin Sirmans, Philip Tinari, and others.