The Future of the Museum. 28 Dialogues

Year: 2022
Spanish edition, in collaboration with Adriana Hidalgo Editora / A. hache
Texts: András Szántó. Interviews with: Cecilia Alemani, Rhana Devenport, María Mercedes González, Max Hollein, Mami Kataoka, Koyo Kouoh, Victoria Noorthoorn, Adriano Pedrosa, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Franklin Sirmans, Philip Tinari, and others.
Translation to Spanish: Julia Benseñor
Graphic design: Vanina Scolavino

520 pages
Format: 14x 21. cm
ISBN 978-987-8969- 12,5 06-


The new century has been marked by a phase of pluralism at arts institutions. They are no longer obliged to copy old models or import foreign ideas. A new world full of possibilities has opened up for museums, and particularly for those that operate outside the realm of what were considered the centres of Western art. This book contains 28 conversations between András Szántó and different museum directors from all over the world, in which they discuss the beginning of a new era. But here, as in all corners of the planet, it is not that these changes simply came out of nowhere. They germinated over decades, as waves of social transformations placed new demands on cultural institutions and progressive ideas emerged about what a museum is.

“The museum of the future, no longer understood as an inheritance or imposition from the West, will have the latitude to adopt authentically regional forms and functions.”

András Szántó