Beneath the Surface. Seven Conversations on Materiality in Argentinian Abstraction

English edition
Texts: Pino Monkes
Interviews to: Martín Blaszko, Manuel Espinosa, Raúl Lozza, Juan Melé, Alberto Molenberg, César Paternosto, Alejandro Puente
Introduction: María Amalia García
Translated by Leslie Robertson

Colección Despierta
292 pages
Format: 14,5x21cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-97-7

A work of art is not an immutable object that sits waiting for the viewer’s gaze to fall upon it, but rather a product of the actions of the artist projected over time. The materials can reveal how a piece came together, how it has changed over the years and what kind of care it requires.

Pino Monkes, Head of Conservation at the Museo Moderno, is a master of untangling these secrets, and here he discusses some challenging hypotheses and his own research on the materiality of works from a pivotal period of Argentinian art. His observations have been gathered over the course of a professional career that spans more than three decades and, importantly, through his personal contact with artists.

This book brings together invaluable interviews with artists in which they bring to light their working methods as well as their own ideas on how to conserve their works in accordance with their aesthetics.

“Just as no one bathes in the same river twice, no one sees the same painting twice”.

Pino Monkes

“Pino embraces the experimental attitude of contemporary art and, when faced with a fork in the road, you will always find him taking the side of the artist, offering his knowledge on the fascinating path of artistic production, embracing curiosity, understanding risk and encouraging exploration of the as yet unknown”.

Victoria Noorthoorn