Dance Today. Experimentation in Argentine Dance in the 1960s

English Edition
Texts: Francisco Lemus (Comp.), Victoria Alcala, Oscar Araiz, Mariana Bellotto, Patricia Dorin, Diego Fischerman, Victoria Fortuna, Fernando García, Violeta González Santos, Marcelo Isse Moyano, Ana Kamien, Sofía Kauer, Kado Kostzer, Nicolás Licera Vidal, Marilú Marini, Leone Sonnino, Silvina Szperling and Susana Tambutti
Translated by Kit Maude

Colección Despierta
256 pages
Format: 14,5x21cm
ISBN 978-987-673-624-4

In 2023, the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires held the exhibition Danza actual. Experimentación en la danza argentina de los años sesenta [Dance Today: Experimentation in Argentine Dance in the 1960s], curated by Francisco Lemus, compiler of this volume. The exhibition, which explored the experimental revival of modern dance in Buenos Aires during that period, also paid homage to the pioneering teachers and women who brought modern dance to mainstream audiences and inspired new generations of young dancers. Several of the authors featured in this book were fundamental to the research carried out in the two years prior to the exhibition.

“A book that explores an episode in the history of the avant-garde movements in the 1960s: the experimental revival of modern dance in Buenos Aires”.

“The essays in this volume highlight the value of the legacy of the pioneers of modern dance and delve into its more disruptive strands. The activity of the Centre of Audiovisual Experimentation at the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires and other spaces such as the Theatre of the Alianza Francesa and the Asociación Amigos de la Danza, is given pride of place. These pages record the works, groups and different working methods that have contributed to the construction of a contemporary language capable of establishing a dialogue between tradition and rupture, as was the case of the Ballet of the Teatro San Martín, founded in 1968, which marked a watershed moment for the institutional recognition of modern dance”.

Francisco Lemus