Museo Moderno at Home

On Monday, April 6 of 2020, the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires launched its new #MuseoModernoEnCasa [The Museo Moderno at home], a weekly cultural and educational programme that we have developed at light-speed with the help of Argentinian artists and intellectuals to invite reflections about our present moment.

With the combined efforts of the Moderno’s curatorial, educational and publishing departments, every week of lockdown we present an issue open to a range of questions, investigations and interpretations of the world. In reflecting on this, we invite a wide array of Argentinian artists and intellectuals to build on and enrich this conversation.

The Moderno wants to be a sounding board for thoughts about the current crisis on the understanding that it has a new role to perform, the role of gathering and sharing artists’ and academics’ thoughts from one minute to the next about these bewildering, end-of-cycle, inaugural times.

Every week the Moderno will present a theoretical framework, highlighting works by Argentinian artists, calling on artists and intellectuals for their accounts of lockdown, recommending reading lists as food for thought and organising talks with artists and academics from the widest variety of disciplines.

For families, teachers, and all the Moderno’s communities and publics in the field of education we suggest tutorials, activities and materials to enjoy and learn at home.

Welcome to #MuseoModernoEnCasa!