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The Museo de Arte Moderno’s visual arts collection contains the works of 340 women artists, including paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings and photographs. Today, exhibitions of women artists are held in higher frequency by museums, such as the exhibition Flavia Da Rin: ¿Quién es esa chica? [Flavia Da Rin: Who’s That Girl?], which was the first major retrospective of the artist, held at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires in 2019. Flavia Da Rin not only takes photographs and turns them into digital collages, she also uses her own face in every single one of her pieces, though she takes on different shapes, hair and eye colours, and even different genders and ages.

Here you can see the portraits of Flavia Da Rin and other women artists that are part of the Museo Moderno’s collection:

Eugenia “Yente” Crenovich is not only an artist but has a degree in philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires.

Did you know that philosophy helps us to think about questions that are difficult to answer? For example, a question such as “What is art?”

Elda Cerrato is an artist who incorporates her studies as a biochemist and her interest in the invisible world of cells that can only be seen under a microscope into her collages and paintings. Her most recent exhibition, Elda Cerrato: El día maravilloso de los pueblos [Elda Cerrato: The Peoples’ Wonderful Day] is currently on show at the museum.

Do you know of other women artists?

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