Schools, Universities and Educators

Tours for educational institutions

Visits to the Museo Moderno are teaching and learning processes that take on a multidisciplinary approach. Visits are virtual and/or face-to-face encounters that follow all protocols. These tours to the exhibition galleries are coordinated to meet the interests and experiences of the students and teachers.

Training for teachers and educators


Teacher training

The Moderno’s Education Department team offers training sessions based on research in action. The sessions are aimed at supervisors, directors and teachers of all levels of the educational system, and are coordinated together with the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires.

The Museo Moderno and its exhibitions are an enriching space, both for your training and for the actions you carry out with your students. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


Web of Senses: Art, education and creative processes

An online teacher training course. In collaboration with Fundación Bunge y Born and Universidad Austral

The Museo de Arte Moderno presents an open online course (MOOC), Web of Senses: Art, education and creative processes, a training course that focuses on art education, which is available on Coursera. This course, developed by the Museo Moderno, is part of the training offered by Fundación Bunge y Born in its Seed Programme, together with Fundación Perez Companc and in partnership with Universidad Austral.

The course aims to foster a comprehensive approach that considers art as a cross-cutting issue while broadening the universe of references with respect to the concept of art and contemporary art practices. It welcomes all rural teachers in the country and proposes a series of tools to address a wide range of methodologies, strategies and resources that understand art as a platform for the production of meaning with a view to developing knowledge of the world.  

The course provides and guarantees access to education and culture, encourages working in partnership and impacts the community, fostering the sustainable development objectives the museum seeks to promote.

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Virtual teacher training space

Thought meetings on art and education

This proposal seeks to create a space for training and work that is dedicated to teachers, students, educators and cultural actors who are interested in reflecting on the permanent intersections between the museum and schools, between art and education. The cycle takes place every month, through a virtual meeting that is both theoretical and practical.

Learn about our educational programs

The Education Department of the Museo Moderno works with all levels of our educational system and accompanies institutional pedagogical processes. The Schools and Educational Institutions Department promotes several educational programs that enhance the link between the educational community and the museum.

If you are interested in your institution taking part in our programs, please send an email to [email protected]


We have created a special program to receive students from careers related to the arts and other academic disciplines in order to consolidate the relationship between the museum and universities. The activities have been specially designed in conjunction with teachers. One of the program’s defining actions is to encourage debate among students in order to turn the museum into a space for education and training, as well as into a place for meeting, working, discovering and sharing critical thoughts.

The museum goes to school

El museo va a la escuela [The museum goes to school] is an educational offering that sees the museum as a platform that transcends the building itself to become a meeting space between ideas about art and students as producers of knowledge. If you are a primary and/or secondary school teacher and are interested in broaching the experiences and debates surrounding contemporary art, write to [email protected]

The Moderno’s Language Program

The Moderno’s Language Program (PIM, for its acronym in Spanish) is an initiative that offers the experience of integrating two different fields: Languages and the Visual Arts. It seeks to incorporate modern and contemporary art concepts and terminologies in foreign languages such as English, French and Portuguese.

The program is aimed at language teaching centers and educational institutions, both public and private, that offer English, French or Portuguese as one of their subjects at all levels: Elementary – Intermediate – Advanced – Bilingual. Each visit is customized according to the specific foreign language skills of each group.