Am I Racist?

Snapshots of racism in Latin America A conversation between Fabiola Heredia, Juliana Farías and Carol Alves Fabiola Heredia, Director of the Museum of Anthropology of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba talks to Juliana Farías, a Researcher at the Universidad Estatal de Campinas and Carol Alves, a Researcher at the Fundación Getúlio Vargas, about the different […]

The Living Museum 2021

The next two weeks Over the next two weeks while we are closed to the public, we will share messages on our social media platforms and the Museo Moderno website from cultural and artistic ambassadors who will reflect on the importance of keeping museums open. This new lockdown finds us in a stronger position. On […]


During the month of March, the Museo Moderno will present works by the 340 women artists that are part of our collection. We will also think about the positioning of women and different gender identities in the visual arts field and in the cultural institutions of today. We will share data from our history, collection […]


It has been almost a year since the pandemic began its spread across the globe. It has been almost a year since we began this long period of transition, of new ways of inhabiting exteriors and interiors, as we set out on a prolonged journey of changes that subverted the daily lives of some, and […]


Amazement lurks in the hidden corners of our everyday lives, camouflaged by what we think of as certainty, the knowledge that allows us to get on with our lives day after day. It is thus forever watchful by nature, waiting for its moment to appear suddenly and powerfully when we are shaken by the unknown. […]


We are once again open to the public and there are so many new things to see, we can’t wait for you to visit! Yente (Eugenia Crenovich), Buenos Aires, 1905-1990 There are several amazing aspects of this work, taking it into consideration alongside the other abstract works by Yente from the 1930s, 1940s and […]

Enough! Contemporary Art Faces up to the Climate Emergency

Up until 1 November, the artwork Basta de contaminar [Stop Polluting] by Nicolás García Uriburu was on display on the Museo’s façade Nicolás García Uriburu, Basta de contaminar [Stop Polluting], synthetic enamel on canvas, 5 x 15 m, 1999. Banner produced for the dyeing of the Riachuelo in collaboration with Greenpeace. Colección Azul García Uriburu […]

Imagined country

Sofía Viola Imagined Country In this performance, recorded exclusively for the Museo Moderno, the Argentine singer, composer and actress runs through some of the most popular tunes in her songbook, with which she has appeared on stages all across the globe. Her old-school rock, marginal, tropical style takes a tour of the 23 provinces of […]

Seams. The Common Threads between Art, Fashion and Identity

THE COMMON THREADS BETWEEN ART, FASHION AND IDENTITY Delia Cancela and Pablo Mesejeán, Sin título [Untitled], 1971, lápiz y tinta sobre papel [Pencil and ink on paper]. Colección del artista [Collection of the artist]. Delia Cancela (Buenos Aires, 1940) studied fine art and is a member of the Instituto Di Tella’s 60s generation. In 1964 […]