Within There is but One Abode

Bilingual Spanish-English edition
Texts: Alejandra Aguado, Clarisa Appendino, Federico Falco
Design: Pablo Alarcón and Alberto Scotti
Translations: Ian Barnett and Kit Maude

300 pages
Format: 23x16cm
ISBN 978-987-673-615-2

This book was written to accompany the exhibition Within There is but One Abode, which brought together the works of 34 young artists from different regions of Argentina. Focusing on their most recent output, which in many cases had been produced within the context of the pandemic, the exhibition sought to bring the viewer into the intimate universes of these artists and their connections to the places they inhabit. In line with this approach, the book not only includes images of the works presented at the exhibition but also a brief biography of each artist and a literary account by Federico Falco, as well as an essay by curator Alejandra Aguado.

“One after the other, the artworks that make up the project Within There is but One Abode prove that even during periods of extreme stress and disorientation we are capable of creating moments of genuine communion with our surroundings. It is a form of communion that has the ring of truth to it: the discovery of a kind of shared essence, an instinctive approach to the things of this world, whether that be the Earth, our objects or those close to us. Perhaps it is a communion that can undermine the automated way of living which the hegemonic social and economic orders impose upon us.”

Alejandra Aguado

“Often, my two-dimensional images are openings into the physical space I inhabit. I think of them as an extension of the architecture itself. Windows, doors, columns, distant horizons, microscopic landscapes are recurrent features in the construction of my paintings and installations. The cutting of the paper or fabric is a peephole through which to spy on a spatio-temporal otherness. These expanded possibilities for painting and drawing are places of containment, longing and projection”.

Carolina Fusilier

“Practising art is a way of interrupting life, a very real way. Cutting that rhythm and sacralising a moment. It allows us to aim towards uselessness, absurd processes of pure faith. It connects us to a personal pulse and empowers us as we materialise something purring in our heads. For me, it´s a way of holding ourselves in the imagination and of making that a way of life, without taking it somewhere idealised or romantic: it’s still a trade like being a plumber or a carpenter. The advantage is nobody expects what we do, nobody needs it, and it has that force of materialising out of nowhere.”

Antonio Villa

The exhibition Within There is but One Abode was presented at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires from 18 September 2021 to 16 May 2022.