Ulises Mazzucca: Spiritual Gymnastics

Bilingual edition in Spanish and English
Texts: Lucrecia Palacios
Translation: Ian Barnett
Graphic design: Pablo Alarcón and Alberto Scotti (Estudio Cerúleo)

72 pages
Format: 25 x 20 cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-83-0

This book was produced to accompany the exhibition Ulises Mazzucca: Spiritual Gymnastics and offers an overview of the artist’s recent work featuring graphic drawings and large format pieces in chalk pastels. Including an essay by the exhibition curator Lucrecia Palacios, the publication allows the reader a glimpse into the graphic, emotional universe of one of the youngest artists ever to exhibit at the Museo Moderno.  

Gimnasia espiritual[Spiritual Gymnastics] pits inappropriately small domestic spaces against equally uncomfortable open spaces, playful and aggressive scenes of sport against scenes of yoga or dance, in which the characters seek, through movement, that mysterious, ineffable zone where spirit and matter touch (…). Somewhere between a private diary and graffiti, Mazzucca has been building a veiled narrative in his work, a kind of Bildungsroman of growth, which he once termed ‘cartografía emocional’ – ‘emotional cartography’ – and which shows the painful transition from innocence to experience.

Lucrecia Palacios