Edgardo Antonio Vigo: The Permanent Factory Of Creative Chaos. Works 1953–1997

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Texts: Gonzalo Aguilar, Ana Bugnone, Vanessa K. Davidson, Silvia Dolinko,
Sofía Dourron, Jimena Ferreiro, María Amalia García, Ana María Gualtieri,
and Magdalena Pérez Balbi Graphic Design: Francisco Capuzzi
Translations: Ian Barnett, Julia Benseñor, Kit Maude
Photography: Viviana Gil

360 pages
Format: 24x23cm
ISBN 978-987- 673-283-3

Edgardo Antonio Vigo: The Permanent Factory of Creative Chaos. Works 1953–1997
presents the research for the exhibition held at the Museo de Arte Moderno in 2016,
curated by Sofía Dourron and Jimena Ferreiro. The book contains numerous theoretical
essays and images, allowing the reader to explore more than four decades of Edgardo
Antonio Vigo’s work: his first approaches to the avant-gardes in the early 1950s in small
drawings, collages and objects; his prolific publishing output from the early WC to
Hexagon ’71; his series of actions called ‘signallings’ (1968–1975); his mail art and
experimental poetry; his wood-cuts and the creation of the La Plata Woodcut Museum
(1968); together with documentation about his work as curator of the Expo/International
of Ultra-New Poetry/69 at the Torcuato Di Tella Institute in 1969.

‘A publisher, a visual artist, an experimental poet, a self-taught xylographer and mail-artist,
a creator of useless objects, and a critic and essayist, Edgardo Antonio Vigo (La Plata,
1928-1997) is impossible to pigeon-hole. Vigo saw the world as an organic whole in which
knowledge, artistic practice and life were inseparable parts. He fervently believed in the
potential of art to break down the intellectual and emotional stagnation of society and in his
work he sought to encourage new ways of seeing and acting in the world, calling attention to
certain issues and objects ―from political events such as the Vietnam War and the Trelew
Massacre to everyday objects such as a traffic light or a lemon tree. The result was a rich
array of socially committed works full of humour, poetic sensibility and enormous critical power. ’

                                                                                            Sofía Dourron and Jimena Ferreiro

The exhibition Edgardo Antonio Vigo: The Permanent Factory of Creative Chaos. Works 1953–1997
was presented at the museum from 14 May 2016 until 5 September 2016.