Adriana Bustos, Claudia del Río, Mónica Millán: Wandering Landscape

Year 2022
Bilingual edition in Spanish and English
Texts: Ángeles Ascúa, Carla Barbero, Emilia Casiva and Florencia Qualina
Translation: Ian Barnett, Leslie Robertson
Graphic design: Eduardo Rey

192 páginas
Formato: 25 x 20 cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-85-4

The publication Adriana Bustos, Claudia del Río, Mónica Millán: Wandering Landscape was prepared as an accompaniment to this enriching, diverse show that brought together more than 130 works by these three greats of Argentinian contemporary art. The publication brings to the page the personal universe of each of the artists and, at the same time, encourages new reflections based on the dialogue that emerges from their poetics. It includes an essay dedicated to each of the artists, written by Ángeles Ascúa, Emilia Casiva and Florencia Qualina, as well as a curatorial text by Carla Barbero.

‘The practices of the three artists transcend the contemplation of their surroundings to advance emotional and political interactions while, at the same time, they rewrite history and muddle the laws of time. Their works also encompass collective experiences of fieldwork and experimental pedagogy, practices that propose to emancipate traditional knowledge in favour of shared knowledge.’

‘In this exhibition, the landscape mutates from a generous visual repertoire of colours and forms to natural resources subjected to stress by extractive forces, all while passing through a captivating fantasy atmosphere. In the work of these artists, landscape is weighted with a considerable alchemical power.’

Carla Barbero

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