Moderno Federal

Federal Moderno is the Museo Moderno’s Special Projects programme to map the national contemporary arts scene. Its aim is to reveal, show and value the work of the artists, galleries, museums and training spaces of our country.

This federal programme plans out trips with the guidance of local curators who act as hosts in each city, coordinating visits to artists, agents and institutions in different provinces throughout the country. On each trip, curators from the Museo Moderno interview and meet artists, making audio-visual recordings of their testimonies. These will later be published by the museum in the form of portraits of the artists. Along with a biography and background of each artist, these records will become the archives of the Federal Moderno, thus contributing to the dissemination of the work of these artists, both within the museum as well as publicly, through its website.

Each visit contributes to the research that lays the foundations for future exhibitions at the Moderno. The programme seeks to stimulate and promote the careers of artists from different backgrounds as well as institutions and collectors from the different cities where these encounters take place. In this quest, the museum has sought to support and collaborate in the dissemination and training of artists, curators and collectors, and also looks to contribute to their professional and economic development through the allocation of funds for the acquisition of historic and contemporary art, thus shaping the collection so that it will become more representative at the national level.

Moderno Federal is a territorial and artistic endeavour that connects different areas of contemporary artistic production. It is based on the recognition of the need to form relationships with artists from other provinces and, in turn, build a History of Art that is inclusive and federal. The development of the federal programme can be followed through our social media and the museum’s website, where we will publish the videos from each visit.

Sofia torres kosiba Federal WEB

Sofia Torres Kosiba: Córdoba

Sofia Torres Kosiba es artista transdisciplinar, curadora independiente, investigadora y docente de posgrado, Especialista en Estudios de performance por la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC)…
Itamar Hartavi Federal Web

Itamar Hartavi: Jujuy

Itamar Hartavi creció en Buenos Aires y se formó en la Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) en la cátedra Bissolino de Pintura en la que fue ayudante entre el 2007 y el 2013…
Santa Cruz Federal Web

Damián Santa Cruz: Córdoba

Damián Santa Cruz. A graduate of Fine Arts from the Escuela de Bellas Artes Dr José Figueroa Alcorta in Córdoba, the artist also holds a Diploma in the Management and Conservation of Art Archives from UNSAM and the Fundación Espigas…
Ratona Colectivo Federal Web

Ratona Colectivo: Santa Fe

Ratona Colectivo was born in Santa Fe in September 2018 following a series of encounters which focused on debates and reflections about art…
Yanito Federal Moderno WEB

Guido Yannitto: Salta

Guido Yannitto. Yannitto spent his early years in Salta and graduated with a degree in Painting from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in 2005. He then lived a few years in Mexico City, where he continued his training at private workshops…
Marcela Lopez Sastre Federal Web

Marcela López Sastre: Salta

Marcela López Sastre finished secondary school in New York. She studied Social Communications at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, where she undertook several self-managed projects related to the visual arts…