Ratona Colectivo: Santa Fe

Ratona Colectivo was born in Santa Fe in September 2018 following a series of encounters which focused on debates and reflections about art. The members of the collective come from different disciplines: sociology, the visual arts, photography, museology, cinema, architecture and education. Their association is based on their shared experience as cultural residents and mediators at the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Ros Galisteo de Rodríguez (Santa Fe). The plurality of viewpoints that characterise the collective have allowed its members to expand their questioning of what is happening in the arts and in culture in general today and, particularly, in the Santa Fe art scene. Their work originated from their wish to find a means to express that which they are questioning in an artistic manner, initially in the form of installations. The members of the collective are Francisco Bergallo (1995), María Belén Garófalo (1993), Antonella Mecchia (1992), Juana Rondina (1998) and Pamela Silva (1993).

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