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An activity for children and young people with autism

The exhibition Adentro no hay más que una morada [Within There is but One Abode] is presented as part of a research project in the aftermath of the pandemic. It is a group exhibition that brings together the recent work of thirty-four artists from different regions of Argentina.

In Calendario abstracto [Abstract Calendar], Lucrecia Lionti organises time according to her own system. Using elements from her everyday life, such as coloured wool on canvas, the artist creates a scheme representing the isolation of the first part of the pandemic. Now that we are coming out of the experience, we propose you put together your own project to think about how the days pass. To help spur some ideas, here are some images of other calendars. Would you like to make your own? What would it look like? What are the important things that make up your routine? Who accompanies you in the activities you do during the week? What do you need to take with you? 

Feel free to use our association cards, specially designed by the museum team to help you out with this activity.

Foto muestra parte de la obra Calendario abstracto de Lucrecia Lionti (2020) en la cual está representado el mes de julio con vellón de lana hilado de 3 colores distintos para representar las líneas que dividen los días entre sí y lo que ocurre en cada uno de ellos. Cada celda de día tiene un palito, todos son del mismo color salvo el último. En los días que corresponden al mes anterior, el palito está ubicado de forma diagonal, cruzado.

Lucrecia Lionti (Tucumán, 1985), Calendario abstracto [Abstract Calendar] (detail), 2020.

Illustrations: Francisco Rodríguez

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