Sol Pipkin: Piltriquitron Inside

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Text: Rafael Cippolini
Graphic Design: Francisco Capuzzi
Translations: Kit Maude
Fotografía: Josefina Tommasi

32 pages
Format: 25x20cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-30- 4

Mount Piltriquitrón rises 2,260 metres above sea level in the town of El Bolsón, Río
Negro Province. It is the fundamental geography embraced by Sol Pipkin in a project
that takes her artistic gaze back to the place of her origins: not just the natural landscape,
but the hiking trails and their signage are transformed into a sculptural space. The
publication contains an introductory text by art critic Rafael Cippolini and fragments of a
conversation between him and the artist, as well as numerous images that bring together
Pipkin’s work, her visual influences and her own handwriting.

‘Piltriquitrón inside is a project in which the vegetation, geology, climates, visions,
textures, accidents, paths and cartography are transformed into a symbolically rich interior
sculptural space. Piltriquitón burst in as a metabolism converted into a mode of doing,
of making, of assessing and understanding the world. ’

                                                                                                          Rafael Cippolini

‘What most excites me is the simplicity of the construction. He places this knowledge at
our disposal, showing that we can all build and discover useful or imaginative things out
of what we have on hand. In rural life in the interior of the country, it´s much more relevant
than in the cities. However, to survive in any environment we need tiny little gestures in
which creativity is expressed by something like repairing a cracked pipe with wire. ’

                                                                                                          Sol Pipkin

The exhibition Sol Pipkin: Piltriquitrón Inside was presented at the museum
from 13 December 2014 until 8 March 2015.