Ni tonto ni holgazán [Neither foolish nor lazy]

Spanish edition
Original story: Alberto Greco
Illustrations: María Wernicke
Adapted by: Martín Lojo
Graphic design: Eduardo Rey

44 pages
Format: 20 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-987-673-611-4

Claudio is a boy who contemplates nature and lives lost in his own thoughts until, one day, an adventure helps him show those around him just how valuable an imagination can be.

The book is an adaptation of an original story told by the artist Alberto Greco in a radio interview in 1956. The words are accompanied by beautiful illustrations created by María Wernicke, and the book is the first title to be published as part of the Museo Moderno’s new collection of children’s books.

“Sometimes I think that another kind of dictionary should be written, because ordinary dictionaries lack words. The short explanations they give of ‘wheat’ and ‘heart’ do not satisfy me. Nor do I like it that the word ‘magic’ is separated from ‘world’, and the word ‘beauty’ from ‘man’, and the words ‘everything’ and ‘sad’ from the word ‘wonder’.”

Alberto Greco