Graciela Hasper: The Grammar of Colour

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Texts: Roberto Amigo, Laura Isola y Victoria Noorthoorn
Investigación: Sebastián Vidal Mackinson
Graphic Design: Eduardo Rey
Translations: Ian Barnett, Julia Benseñor, Kit Maude
Photography: Viviana Gil

352 pages
Format: 25x21cm
ISBN 978-987- 673-278-9

The exhibition, Graciela Hasper: The Grammar of Colour, held at the Museo de Arte
Moderno in 2013, presented a look around twenty years of Hasper’s painting to bring
the public the key works of one of Argentina’s greatest living artists. This book set out
to go beyond: in addition to the corpus of images of the paintings displayed in the
Moderno’s galleries, it includes paintings not exhibited, as well as extra-pictorial works
like watercolours, photographs, digital projects, atmospheres and public art projects.
Alongside this important selection of images it offers a gateway into Hasper’s prolific
visual world, accompanied by critical texts from Roberto Amigo and Laura Isola.

‘Colour isn’t just a formal question, it’s also very subjective: feminine and exuberant.
On the one hand, it’s garish and on the other it feeds on pop culture, the sense of the
popular. Also, colour has become devalued, it’s associated with decorative and minor
art-forms and that interests me. I want to work with the complete chromatic circle and
its combinations because basically it appeals to emotions. I believe that colour is
emotion and that’s the main tool in my work. In my pieces, colour is the medium for the
content. Colours stimulate ocular and emotional movement. It’s how I generate subjectivity. ’

                                                                                                          Graciela Hasper

The exhibition Graciela Hasper: The Grammar of Colour was presented at the
museum from 12 October 2013 until 19 January 2014.