Diego Alexandre: Under Suspicion

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Texts: Victoria Noorthoorn and Javier Villa
Graphic Design: María Sibolich
Translations: Kit Maude

36 pages
Format: 25x20cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-26-7

This publication accompanies the special project by artist Diego Alexandre for
the galleries of the Museo de Arte Moderno in 2014. The book explores a series
of personal and poetic works by the artist focused on his eye-popping figuration,
and his researches into mechanics and lighting. It also includes an interview of
Alexandre by Moderno curator Javier Villa and its director Victoria Noorthoorn.

‘Twenty years ago, at Ricardo Garabito´s studio on Calle Mexico, Diego Alexandre
was notorious for his outrageous anecdotes, which he could tell with a perfectly
straight face. At the time, he used to paint horrifying showgirls, women whose flesh
embodied the plastic 90s, portrayed in florescent colours, exaggerated poses and
with absurd proportions. Back then, the artist´s imagination was focused but also
enhanced by his nightlife: social events where Argentina´s aristocratic, entertainment
and political cases mingled to form the perfect stage for Diego Alexandre; they were
an excellent platform for his experimentation. ’

  Victoria Noorthoorn and Javier Villa

The exhibition Diego Alexandre: Under Suspicion was presented at the
museum from 15 March until 6 June 2015.