Alfredo Londaibere: I Am Holy

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Texts: Jimena Ferreiro, Rafael Cippolini, Mariana Cerviño. Includes extracts of an interview
with the artist conducted by Gustavo Bruzzone in 1995
Graphic Design: Eduardo Rey
Translations: Kit Maude y Daniel Tunnard

240 pages
Format: 20 x 25 cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-73-1

Through a major collection of images this book explores some of the key themes that make up
Londaibere’s aesthetic imagery and highlights its link with spirituality. It includes a critical essay
and a biography of the artist by the exhibition’s curator Jimena Ferreiro, as well as two texts by
guest authors, Rafael Cippolini and Mariana Cerviño, both specialists in 1990s Argentinian art
and the circle of artists around Alfredo. It also includes extracts of a lengthy interview with the
artist conducted by Gustavo Bruzzone in 1995, in which Londaibere sets out his view of the art
world at the time, looks back on his career and describes his aesthetic ideas.

‘Alfredo Londaibere was a student of the history of art and a cultivator of beautiful images, but
his erudition never came before his artistic goals, which were governed by intuition, pleasure and
a work ethic that sought to achieve a spiritual state that grew ever more explicit with each piece.
His images were transformed into a unique amalgam that contained both the power of prayer and
the enchantment of beautiful painting. But the beauty on display was never conventional and
always reserved an ultimate enigma for itself. Perhaps that is one of the visual keys to his work
and that of many artists of his generation: an opaque gleam, flattened and deformed like the nickel
silver strips that surround some of his paintings. ’

                                                                                                                              Jimena Ferreiro

‘Talking about my painting is like talking about the pillar of my artistic experience, my path to
spirituality, my way of receiving and joining the codified experience that is the trade of painters,
sculptors and conceptual artists. It is practicing, discovering, receiving the transmission and, in the
same process, rethinking contemporary processes and forms. ’

                                                                                                                               Alfredo Londaibere

The exhibition Alfredo Londaibere: I Am Holy was presented at the museum from
26 September 2019 until 23 March 2020.