Alberto Greco: How Great You Are!

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Texts: Gonzalo Aguilar, Mario Cámara, Rafael Cippolini, Estrella de Diego, Sofía Frigerio,
María Amalia García, Ana Longoni, Marcelo E. Pacheco, Alejandro Tantanián, Viviana
Graphic Design: Eduardo Rey
Translations: Kit Maude

368 pages
Format: 20 x 25 cm
ISBN 978-987-673-284-0

This book is the result of exhaustive research by the Museo de Arte Moderno aimed at
updating the field of knowledge around one of the catalytic figures of Argentinian
contemporary art. The artist Alberto Greco was at the centre of the transformations that
took place in the shift from informalist art to destructive art, pop and conceptual actions.
This threw the artistic horizon wide open for every decade that came after. The publication
contains a group of essays by various authors from different disciplines who chart the
complexity, originality and variety of Greco’s output. It also contains a full biography, a major
compendium of documents and images of his work. ’

‘Alberto Greco’s importance as a catalyst for contemporary art in Argentina cannot be
overstated. Greco is central to understanding the transition of Informalist art to destructive,
pop and conceptual art that opened up new horizons for artistic production in subsequent
decades. Time has only confirmed his historical significance and impact on the contemporary
scene. ’

                                                                                                       Victoria Noorthoorn