Alberto Goldenstein: The Matter Between the Edges. Photographs 1983–2018

Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Texts: Carla Barbero, Belén Coluccio and Lucrecia Palacios
Graphic Design: Eduardo Rey
Translations: Ian Barnett and Kit Maude

280 pages
Format: 20 x 25 cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-55-7

This book is a document of Alberto Goldenstein’ first retrospective, The Matter Between
the Edges. Photographs 1982–2018
, presented at the Museo de Arte Moderno de
Buenos Aires in 2018. Through a comprehensive set of images and texts by curator
Carla Barbero and Lucrecia Palacios it explores crucial aspects in the work of a key
artist of Argentinian photography. It also contains a chronology of his life and work by
Belén Coluccio.

‘The subject of Goldenstein’s photography could be said to be his own way of seeing,
which maintains that relationship with time we have just mentioned. Goldenstein performs
subtle maneuvers in his work that cut across the present moment, but which are not
openly concerned about being contemporary. This tension materializes in the figure of
the photographer he himself embodies: somewhere between the romantic artist, the walker,
the modern flâneur, and present-day artist who boasts a slight distance from the real. For
Goldenstein, photography is a moment of giddy joy found in the encounter with urban forms.
The artist reveals anew public sculptures that were always there for all to see—but which
no one paid any mind—urban layouts like drawings, portraits of friends and colleagues, but
also unknown bystanders, soulless store windows, commercial signage with every kind of
typeface. His is not so much an appropriation as a transformation of what he looks at. ’

                                                                                                          Carla Barbero

‘Photography for me is a fiction about the real. All I can ask is that, whatever their reason,
the public stand there a short while and look. Photography, with a capital P, I hope to give
a love of a kind, to shore up its erotic value, its sensuality as language and experience,
to keep it alive. ’

                                                                                                          Alberto Goldenstein

The exhibition Alberto Goldenstein: The Matter Between the Edges. Photographs 1983–2018
was presented at the museum from 15 March until 27 May 2018.