Web of Senses

Ways to experience the Moderno’s Collection

Our “Web of Senses” offers an opportunity to get to know the Museo Moderno’s collection through its online catalog. The goal is to collectively build different associations, reflections and views about the works and artists that are part of our heritage.

For today’s activity we invite you to investigate our collection online and choose three works of art that catch your eye. Imagine where you could put them in the public space near your home. We suggest you draw a map of your neighbourhood, marking the squares, streets and places where you would put the works you choose. Think about how this intervention could contribute to the landscape of your neighbourhood, and come up with a name for your exhibition in the public space.

Alberto Greco
First VIVO-DITO art exhibition, Paris, 1962
IVAM, Generalitat

Within the framework of the Nicanor Aráoz: Sueño sólido [Nicanor Aráoz: Solid Sleep] exhibition, we invite you to explore our online catalogue and to see the variety of content we have created in relation to the exhibition and which is available on our digital platforms.

You can look for works from the collection that may have served as references for the artist’s sculptural works. You can look for simple relationships but may also find unexpected connections. Look at the shapes, the colours and the themes that you can find in common: from images of living beings such as animals, insects and cellular organisms, to works of art that evoke music.

Finally, we suggest you select one of the works from our collection and make a drawing of it and the other works of Nicanor Araóz so you can compare them and find similarities or commonalities between them.

Immerse yourself in our collection, discover all it has to offer, and make your own connections.

Today’s activity consists of browsing the online catalog and paying attention to the different women artists who are part of the collection. How many of them do you know? After looking at their works, could you say that these women have something in common? How do they differ? Let’s imagine you could meet these female artists from our collection face to face: what would you talk about? It could be about the first impressions you have of their works, or about their formal aspects. Perhaps you would want to talk about a certain color or technique that repeats in the works you observed, or perhaps they triggered a certain emotional response in you. In this imaginary meeting, you can ask all the questions you would like of the artists, and then invent the possible answers. 

Immerse yourself in our heritage, discover all it has to offer and make your own connections.