The Moderno’s publishing programme seeks to document and promote the work of artists from Argentina and overseas featured in our galleries but also to introduce readers to the work of the curators, critics and researchers behind the exhibitions and present ideas related to Argentine cultural heritage that may well be new to many art lovers.

The book is an essential cultural tool. The Moderno sees the medium as a way of strengthening the bond between artists and the public, one that stands the test of time and moves beyond the boundaries of the gallery space to establish a lasting, expansive relationship. The distribution of these books to public libraries and educational and academic institutions will also encourage new and varied readings and perspectives to stimulate discussion, critical debate, reflection and research into Argentinian art, which often lacks an up to date bibliography for proper discussion and evaluation.

Authors, artists, curators, researchers in a wide variety of disciplines, critics, photographers, editors, proofreaders and translators all make a crucial contribution to this complex, innovative content. Thanks to their efforts, this public museum will find a place for itself on readers’ bookshelves and in libraries, spreading the word about the modern and contemporary art in Argentina.

A book about an artist can teach us how they see the world and share their approach to art and culture. It does not just communicate artistic and human ideas but also allows us a glimpse of their underlying motivations and what their answer might be to the question of art’s relevance in the world today. That is why we believe that encouraging reading so as to promote and grow awareness of Argentine art is part of the mission of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

Books published between 2013 and 2017

• Alberto Goldenstein: The Matter between the Edges.
Photographs 1982-2018. 
• A Tale of Two Worlds / Historia de dos mundos
• Aldo Sessa Archive
• Legado Pirovano: la colección Ignacio Pirovano
en el Moderno. Catálogo razonado, ensayos y documentación
• Hernán Soriano. A Mental Image a Machine.
• Argentina Lisérgica
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.
• Tomás Saraceno. How to Entangle the Universe in
a Spider Web
• A057 x 30.5 mm: Fifteen Years of ABTE
Railway Culture
• Emilio Renart. Integralism. Bio-Cosmos 1968/1967.
Drawings and Documentation.
24. Alberto Greco. ¡Qué grande sos!
• Liliana Maresca.
• Antonio Berni. Paper Revelations, 1922-1981.
• Álbum de sentidos.
• Edgardo Antonio Vigo. The Permanent Factory of
reative Chaos. Works 1953 – 1997.
• Pablo Picasso. Beyond Ressemblance
• Graciela Hasper. The Grammar of Colour
• Ana Gallardo. A Place to Live When we Are Old.
• Ana Gallardo. 9 images.
• Eduardo Basualdo. Oath.
• Ernesto Ballesteros. Vito ver y Vito verá.
• La Menesunda according to Marta Minujín
• Marina de Caro. Against Gravity.
• Catalina León. The Useless Sacrifice.
• Laura Lima.
• Sol Pipkin. Piltriquitrón Inside.
• León Ferrari Paraherejes / Libro escrito / Imagens
• The Winners and The Loosers
• Fabio Kacero / Detournalia.
• The Circle Walked Casually. Works from The
Deutsche Bank Collection in Dialogue with Works from
the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.
• Eduardo Costa: Voices, Life and Work
• Diego Alexandre: Under Suspicion
• Juliana Iriart. Symphony in the Air
• Sebastián Gordín. A Strange Effect in the Sky