Nicolás Testoni

Nicolás Testoni, Director, Ferrowhite – museo taller, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Nicolás Testoni (Bahía Blanca, 1974) studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Since 2003, he has worked at the Ferrowhite – museo taller [Ferrowhite – museum workshop], an artspace located in the port of Ingeniero White in the south of Buenos Aires Province, where he has collaborated to transform our understanding of the relationship between cultural institutions and the processes of collective creation. He has been Director of the Ferrowhite since 2014. He has also taught in such spaces as the Laboratorio TyPA de Gestión en Museos [TyPA Museum Management Laboratory], the post-graduate course in Cultural Management at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) and the ‘Museums, Training and Networking’ programme of Argentina’s National Directorate of Museums. In 2015, along with the Ferrowhite and the Museo del Juguete [Toy Museum], he won the ‘Coronation’ award, a museum project competition organised by the Fundación TyPA in Argentina and the American Alliance of Museums in the USA as part of the congress ‘The Museum Reimagined’.

Testoni is also an audio-visual producer, for which he has received support from the Jan Vrijman (2005) and Prince Claus (2007) foundations in the Netherlands, as well as distinctions at the Videobrasil festival in São Paulo (2007), the Festival Latinoamericano de Videoarte [Latin American Video Art Festival] (2014) and the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento [Biennial of the Moving Image] in Buenos Aires (2016), and the Riga International Film Festival in the Latvian capital (2021).