The Museum’s Communities Department transforms our institution into an interactive platform that enhances the perception, history and knowledge of each visitor. Through different actions inside and outside of the museum, we program specific experiences that include workshops, visits and lectures. For guided tours and activities for special groups, please write to: [email protected]

We have designed three programs targeted for specific audiences:


The Museo Moderno provides a space for seniors, who become protagonists of the experiences proposed, allowing them to feel a sense of belonging in the museum.

Guided tours: Interactive tours in which we open up a dialogue and share perspectives on art, memory and personal history.

Balcarce Residence (PAMI): Over the past two years, we have organized visits, snacks and refreshments with artists, lectures and talks to bring the museum closer to the residents.

Workshops: Specific activities geared to the interests and needs of those over the age of 60. 

Senior Citizens’ Month: To celebrate Senior Citizen Day, which falls in October, senior citizens carry out actions at the museum, such as activities in the exhibition halls, readings, open tours, etc.


We organize accessible activities to generate autonomy and meaningful experiences so that disabilities are not barriers to a museum experience. Working with specialists, we develop activities for groups with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Visits for people with physical disabilities: In an accessible environment, we plan routes that respect the group’s visiting time, breaking down circulation barriers and opening up the museum, turning it into a space without limitations.

Visits for people with intellectual disabilities: We develop visits that are oriented toward the characteristics of each group according to age and specific needs.


Through our ties with NGOs and social organizations, we carry out actions to develop active citizenship and provide access to culture for the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Neighbourhood Arts Program (Arte en Barrios): Visits to encourage people to reflect on the links between neighbourhood culture and identity, the experience shared at the museum and artistic practice. (Barrio 1-11-14 / Ciudad Oculta / Barrio 31 / Barrio Carrillo / Barrio Rodrigo Bueno).

Exchange visits: Our team goes to a neighbourhood to get to know the group in their own environment. Then the group comes to the museum for a visit and to participate in a workshop.